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From Crouching Tiger to Peaceful Warrior:

The Transformation

As a Martial Artist for many years, my body was used to high impact and fast paced movement. I had a fire in my eyes and a drive "to fight." Fight against the world. I kept myself protected, guarded, safe, and untouchable. I even fought against my given Martial Art nickname "Boneca," Baby Doll (in Portuguese). Nothing about me was doll like and I wished I had been given the name Crouching Tiger.  I trained hard and watched Bruce Lee movies and documentaries about Shaolin Monks and was in awe of anything related to any fighting form.  I was fierce and thirsty to learn more and see how far I could push my mind and body...

Until that dreadful, unforeseen night where in the middle of a mid air flying side kick, with a loud pop echoing off the walls, every ligament in my right knee tore in the worst way possible (AKA “The Terrible Triad”) and I fell to the mat screaming in agony, cursing like a sailor.  I cried all the way to the ER knowing that I would have no choice now but to stop. But I didn't know HOW to stop. My defense mechanism was movement. As long as I was moving, and moving fast, I was alive.  As long as I was moving I didn't have to think about or feel any of the emotional pain I never wanted to face. But now things would have to be different. I would have to find another way to meander through and cope with my life. 

With a long and very determined road to recovery (and a cadaver's ACL),  I began practicing yoga as a means of physical therapy. It was slow. It was still. I hated it. I dreaded the end of each class where we lay still for savasana, final resting pose, and as much I resisted, the tears fled down my cheeks, uncontrollably. I didn't know why I was crying. I couldn't help it. Sometimes I would leave before savasana just to avoid the flood gates from opening and the embarrassing whimpering I couldn’t control.  Yoga was my enemy; nothing about it was comfortable. It hurt.

But I liked my teacher. He was so wise, a Guru, and seemed to say the perfect words of wisdom and reassurance I needed to hear that day. With the sounds of my sobbing at the end of every class, he would tell me to "Go deep into the darkness" and let it all go.  So I started going to class everyday for both physical and emotional therapy...and I actually looked forward to it. Savasana became easier. With the continuous flow of my breath along with intentional movement, I began getting used to moving slowly… and I was calm. The tears eventually stopped. I was learning how to put down my shield and focus solely on my breath. Nothing else. I didn't have to fight anymore. I carried my anxiety, fear, and worry all the way to the edge of my mat and was told to…let go. Let go of everything that wasn’t serving me at that moment. Yoga forced me to be present…Trained me how to breathe…Showed me how to let–it-go. Yoga, meaning "Union," taught me how to “yolk” (pull together) my mind and body and through this process, I started to find noticeable inner calmness and my agitations shrunk. I slowly was transforming into a Peaceful Warrior.

Through many hours, days, and years of disciplined practice and introspection I wanted to share my love, passion, and gratitude for yoga with others who were also on the path of self discovery and could use a little bit of letting go (i.e., all of us!).  And so, with my completion of the RYT certification, I began teaching yoga and as destiny decided...Pink Moon Yoga was born.





  • Yoga Alliance RYT 200

  • Master of Education (M.Ed.) 

  • Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist

  • Certified Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner 

  • Certified Bad Ass

  • Capoeirista (Brazilian Martial Artist)

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